DesignsRx was designed to answer one important aspect of Interior Design, your relationship with your surroundings. We believe that Interior Design has the ability to positively impact people's lives, mentally and physically. The interaction we have with our spaces and the imprints they leave are the two key factors we consider when reviewing any case. From there we conceive a DesignsRx Treatment Plan that's perfect for you!

DesignsRx.com is your one-stop destination for expert interior design solutions to your everyday needs.


Cristina Chitel

Cristina Chitel, DesignsRx founder, is first and foremost an interior design fanatic with a flair for being creative regardless of the budget or space she is handed. Coupled with her deep understanding of architecture and interior design studied at the New York School of Interior Design, her personally tailored every day solutions to working with clients is what sets DesignsRx apart. Cristina currently serves as VP of Special Events for the International Furnishings and Design Association and has worked with well-known NYC Interior Designers such as Sixx Design.