No matter how big or small your challenge is, we can provide you with the perfect prescriptive to instantly change the way you feel about your interiors. Click on any of the DesignsRx Treatment Plans below to request more information.

Designer 911
We are one call away from coming to your rescue. From beginning to end, one of our DesignsRx specialists will work with you on-site to manage your project.

Room Lift

We'll review your case and provide you with a simple treatment to change the look of your room(s).

Space Surgery
By working with a clean slate, we can develop a plan that best suits your lifestyle and design needs. Perfect for those moving into a new home, merging households, or just tired of your current design.

The Detox
If you want to make a life changing decision to go green, we'll provide you with a plan to leave your eco-imprint.

Furniture Make-Over
We'll take a look at your furniture line-up and recommend what to keep, refurbish and/or replace.

The Polish
A fresh set of eyes is all you need to help you spruce up your look with new accessories. A breath of fresh air!

Window Exfoliation
New window treatments can make a difference in a space and we've got the perfect solution for you.

Home Staging
If you're about to put your home in the real-estate market, we can provide you with just the right dose to make people go "wow" from the moment they walk in through the door.